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We have designed cases especially for the 3dPdModular system, which, even though follow the Eurorack format, provide easy mounting for all the internal boards (power buses, PSU, etc.), plus they are low-cost, with nice and fresh design ideas.

Our stands are great for supporting our cases in a variety of setups. They are easy to mount, and will hold your synth rigidly.”

Patch Cords

Our patch cords come with integrated diodes so you can patch multiple inputs and outputs together without getting any interference, due to the digital nature of the 3dPdModular system. Stack as many patch cords into a signal input as you want, without interrupting your work flow

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Synth recipe 3, random vs steady clocks

In this recipe we’ll experiment with randomness vs a steady beat. We’ll start by connecting the PHASOR output of RANDOM to the CLOCK input of CLOCK DIVIDER. This will drive the clock according to the frequency of RANDOM. Connect the UNIPOLAR output of RANDOM to the CV input of the first channel of CLOCK DIVIDER.

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Synth recipe 2, using oscillators as envelopes

In this recipe we’ll use the TRAPEZOID oscillator as an envelope to control the amount of pitch shifting of the VARIOUS SHAPES oscillator. Connect the unipolar output of TRAPEZOID to the CV input of one of the channels f PITCH SHIFT. Connect the audio (bipolar) output of VARIOUS SHAPES to the audio input of the

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Synth recipe 1, modulating clocks

In this recipe we’ll modulate the frequency of a clock. We’ll start by connecting the unipolar output of VARIOUS SHAPES to the audio input of the 2nd channel of VCA DUAL. The output of the 2nd channel of VCA DUAL connects to the frequency input of RANDOM. The phasor output of RANDOM connects to the

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