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Shift Register


A four-stage shift register with an internal sampled noise source and an internal clock, all of which can be replaced by incoming CV signals. Great for creating echo like effects when used with sound generators (oscillators) by creating CV sequences that are repeated through its outlets.

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This is a sample and hold shift register module. It provides four steps of shifting. The module can output random values based on an internal white noise source, but there is a signal inlet which can replace the signal to be sampled. There’s a separate outlet for the internal noise source so it can be used as input in other modules (a filter, for example).

It is also clocked internally with a phasor which is also output via a separate outlet so it can be used as an external clock in other modules. The frequency of the phasor is controlled by the on-board potentiometer, or via CV. A clock inlet replaces the internal phasor by a CV.

This module outputs a sampled value of its signal (internal white noise as default) whenever it receives a new trigger signal (internal phasor by default) which is shifted along its first four outlets. It is great to be used as a random (or not random) frequency or amplitude sequence generator when combined with oscillator modules, creating an echo like effect.

An on-board LED indicates when a new sample is output and shifted.

Note that you must have one MAIN module in your system!

Width: 8HP

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