3dPdModular Synthesizer



A powerful and flexible interface for providing various communication protocols, including MIDI, OSC, and raw serial (useful for communicating with micro-controllers like the Arduino).

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This module provides an interface to communicate with external hardware via three different protocols. These are MIDI (clock or note messages, USB or 5-Pin Din), OSC, and raw serial.

In case of OSC, the synthesizer can either get a static IP, or one through DHCP, depending on the setup. This protocol is great for controlling the synth remotely, or for combining it with other software running on another computer. This way the synth can control or can be controlled by a visuals software, for example.

Raw serial is great for combining the synthesizer with external micro-controllers like the Arduino. In this case the user can use various sensors for controlling the synth, like proximity sensors, PIR, flex, etc.

The Communicate module provides a very powerful interface so you can use your synth in various situations like ensembles, installations, etc. Input and output can be of different types, for example you can receive MIDI input and give OSC output at the same time.

Note that you must have one MAIN module in your system!

Width: 16HP

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