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Four-channel AHDSR envelope generetor. All ramping stages can be curved either exponentially or logarithmically with a variable amount of slope. End-of-stage trigger outputs, and manual triggering besides CV triggering are also provided.

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The Envelopes module includes four AHDSR envelopes on a rather small panel with a flexible and intuitive control interface. Eeach of the five stages of the envelope is controlled by a rotary encoder, whereas an eight-position rotary switch sets which of the four envelopes will be controlled by the encoders. The switch provides two positions for each envelope, where one is for the actual envelope, and the second is for controlling other parameters, like duration, re-triggering state, end-of-stage output, and more. All these features are controlled with the same five encoders. The envelope and all information (duration etc.) are displayed on an on-board OLED display, making the creation of these envelope very easy!

Each envelope can be triggered with an incoming trigger signal (each envelope has its own trigger inlet), a phasor, or even manually, with a push-button. Separate end-of-stage trigger outputs are provided too. The greatest part of this module though is that all ramping stages of the envelopes (attack, decay, release) can have their own independent curvature, either exponential or logarithmic, to the desired level, up to reaching a squared shape! This way, a great variety of shapes is possible. Combined with the end-of-stage output, each envelope can be used as a very flexible LFO!

Note that you must have one MAIN module in your system!

Width: 18HP

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