3dPdModular Synthesizer



This random voltage source works much like an oscillator as it produces ramped changes between random voltages. These ramps can be linear, logarithmic, or exponential, letting the user decide the degree of the curve. Voltage control reigns the module, as is the case with almost all modules of the 3dPdModular system!

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This is a random voltage source, which, instead of outputting distinct DC values, it interpolates between them in various ways. It can interpolate either in a sine fashion or linearly. Its a great module for providing noisy input that’s not really noise, but rather a random oscillator.

Rising and falling parts have their own curvature controls, from logarithmic, through linear, to exponential, so you can set any combination of the three curves to each slope independenately, with the amount of curvature being controlled by a knob or CV.

A three position slide switch sets the frequency range of the oscillator, making it a high-range, mid-range oscillator, or an LFO!

Note that you must have one MAIN module in your system!

Width: 10HP

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