3dPdModular Synthesizer


          Digital Modular Synthesizer

          built with a Raspberry Pi,

          programmed in Pure Data


3dPdModular is a modular synthesizer system running on a single Raspberry Pi mini-computer and a Teensy micro-controller, programmed in the visual programming environment Pure Data and the Arduino language. It is a plug-and-play synthesizer requiring no programming skills from the user.

Even though the entire system runs on a single Raspberry Pi, 3dPdModular is a fully fledged modular system that functions like any other known modular system. In addition to that, it benefits from the fact that it is an integrated digital system, providing a set of special features that analog systems don’t have. Some of these features are:

  • Enabling/disabling patching so you can change your patch without interrupting the sound, until your new patch is ready, then cross-fade into the new patch
  • Cloning a (set of) module(s) software to create polyphony or other effects without needing to physically acquire a module multiple times
  • Multiplying a signal without the need of additional modules, buffered inputs, etc.
  • Saving your patch to your phone via our mobile app with the push of a button
  • Physical inlets “know” whether incoming CV signals come through a VCA module or not, so their corresponding potentiometers can act either as DC offset or a VCA, never letting you run out of VCAs!

Last but not least, 3dPdModular modules keep their price low, due to the fact that they utilize minimal components, since all the hard work of the entire system happens inside the Pi!

The interface throughout the whole system is simple and intuitive, helping you jump to creating amazing sounds right from the start!


Click below to check all the available modules for the 3dPdModular system!

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