3dPdModular Synthesizer



An eight-track, up to 64-step sequencer that outputs Cvs, trigger signals, or ADSR envelopes, with each track having its own independent output type. Each type has its own parameters to create versatile sequences for any kind of music. An on-board OLED display lets the user program the sequencer in a very intuitive way.

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A sequencer with eight independent tracks, up to 64 steps, with a simple interface that’s very versatile. Each track can output one of three different signal types: CV, trigger, or an ADSR envelope.
CV signals can output raw voltages of any positive value, either integral or decimal. A MIDI feature is also available so you can set values in MIDI note numbers instead.
Trigger signals are simple triggers for controlling other modules.

The ADSR envelopes can have various parameters controlled apart from each stage, like duration (which, if set to zero, the envelope will last until the next trigger signal), whether it can be re-triggered even if it hasn’t reached the end, and more.

All types can set the steps they will be triggered at separately, either manually or randomly. A unique alternating feature is provided which lets a track alternate between various inputs it is connected to. This means that, for example, a track can be connected to two different envelope trigger inputs, and when this track is triggered it will send its signal to the two envelopes alternately!

Programming the sequencer is done via rotary encoders and an OLED display, with a very simple and intuitive interface. An 8×8 dual-color LED matrix displays the sequence along with the triggering steps of the track that is currently displayed on the OLED screen.

Note that you must have one MAIN module in your system!

Width: 20HP

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