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Slew Limiter


A four-channel slew limiter module for smoothing out suddenly changing CV signals with the ramp time set either manually or via CV.

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This is a simple module that smooths our abrupt voltage changes from CV input. The ramp time can be set via a knob or CV. The ramp can be linear, logarithmic or exponential. Its slope is control by potentiometers. Re-triggering is enabled/disabled via a switch so a new ramp to an incoming CV value can start before the current one has finished. It includes four separate channels, all with individual controls. LEDs fade in as the ramp progresses, providing a visualization of the process.

It’s a great module to be used with a sample and hold unit, a step sequencer, or any other module that produces non-linear CV signals.

Note that you must have one MAIN module in your system!

Width: 20HP

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