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Synth recipe 3, random vs steady clocks

In this recipe we’ll experiment with randomness vs a steady beat. We’ll start by connecting the PHASOR output of RANDOM to the CLOCK input of CLOCK DIVIDER. This will drive the clock according to the frequency of RANDOM. Connect the UNIPOLAR output of RANDOM to the CV input of the first channel of CLOCK DIVIDER. This way, whenever this channel outputs a trigger, it will sample the incoming CV and use that for the next clock division. We have now added randomness to the first channel of CLOCK DIVIDER. The dial of this channel of CLOCK DIVIDER is set to 4, which is the maximum division the CV can provide. The second dial of CLOCK DIVIDER should be at position 3.
Connect the first output of CLOCK DIVIDER to the first CV input of ENVELOPES. Create an envelope with a short duration (around 0.40 seconds), and set the retrigger to on. Connect the second output of CLOCK DIVIDER to the third CV input of ENVELOPES. Create an envelope like the one you see in the display of the module in the video. This envelope should also be even shorter than the first one. Connect the outputs of the two envelopes to two CV inputs of VCA MIXER.
Connect the BIPOLAR output of TRAPEZOID to the PHASE input of VARIOUS SHAPES, so we can modulate the phase of VARIOUS SHAPES with the TRAPEZOID oscillator. The frequency knob of TRAPEZOID is a bit higher than its left horizontal position (see video), and for VARIOUS SHAPES, it’s almost at the middle (a bit to the left, see video).
Connect the BIPOLAR output of VARIOUS SHAPES to the audio input of VCA MIXER with first envelope in its CV input, and the BIPOLAR output of TRAPEZOID to the other VCA MIXER channel with a connected CV. Finally connect the MIX output of VCA MIXER to MAIN.
We now have a steady beat (sort of percussive), which is the TRAPEZOID controlled by the shorter envelope, firing every three clock pulses, and the phase modulated VARIOUS SHAPES being triggered randomly, between every clock and every four clock pulses. Experiment with the CLOCK DIVIDER dials, as well as with the PHASE knob of VARIOUS SHAPES, and the frequency knobs of both oscillators.

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