3dPdModular Synthesizer

Synth recipe 2, using oscillators as envelopes

In this recipe we’ll use the TRAPEZOID oscillator as an envelope to control the amount of pitch shifting of the VARIOUS SHAPES oscillator. Connect the unipolar output of TRAPEZOID to the CV input of one of the channels f PITCH SHIFT. Connect the audio (bipolar) output of VARIOUS SHAPES to the audio input of the same channel of PITCH SHIFT. Connect the output of that channel of PITCH SHIFT to the audio input of one of the channels of VCA MIXER. Connect the bipolar output of VARIOUS SHAPES to another audio input of VCA MIXER. This way we can mix the original signal of VARIOUS SHAPES together with a pitch shifted version of it.

Connect the unipolar output of TRAPEZOID to the audio input of one of the channels of VCA DUAL, and the output of that VCA DUAL channel to FALL SLOPE input of VARIOUS SHAPES. This way we can control the falling slope of VARIOUS SHAPES with VCA DUAL defining the modulation range and the corresponding knob of VARIOUS SHAPES giving an offset to the unipolar TRAPEZOID. So now we’re using TRAPEZOID to control both the amount of pith shifting as well as the falling slope of VARIOUS SHAPES. Finally connect the MIX output of VCA MIXER to MAIN.

We’re now using TRAPEZOID as an LFO (the slide switch is at the bottom position, 40Hz) which acts as an envelope for the pitch shifting and the falling slope of the oscillator which is mixed along with its pitch shifted version. Use the PITCH SHIFT knob to fine tune the maximum amount of pitch shifting. Play around with the SLOPE UP knob of TRAPEZOID to change the sharpness of the envelope. The closest you bring it to its right limit, the sharper the attack of the envelope.

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